January 2, 2012

Whittling down the WIP list in 2012....

Looks like it's time to start a good visual list of ongoing projects, so I can try to tie them up before moving on to anything new this year! Here are just a few of the various works-in-progress that I have stashed around the studio/office (...and living room):

First is my contribution to the Sketchbook Project -- needs to be postmarked January 31st!
A baby cardigan I started in California last week -- using this pattern from Bernat. These pictures don't do a lot of justice to the soft yellow yarn. It's looking cute, though the corners could use some blocking after some of the pieces traveled around in a suitcase for a couple of days. (Check out my progress -- and other crochet projects -- on Ravelry.)
I got a sewing machine last month and got straight to work on this baby quilt. Most of the front is pieced, though two rows still need to be attached. Then it needs sides and a back and, oh yeah, to actually be quilted!
One more baby item -- this is the crocheted blanket I started as soon as I found out I was pregnant... and made it about nine rows in. Time to stop being lazy while watching TV.
Here's the cover for a David Morse fanzine that I already have written -- just need to print it out and lay out the flats.
And I have plans for turning last year's calendar into another handy device.

Those are just the projects I have pictures for! I also need to:
  • Clean out and paint my studio/office, and turn half of it into a nursery.
  • Finish several more lingering crochet projects.
  • Rip all of my CDs to our external drive and get rid of them.
  • Perhaps take some birthing classes and, you know, name this baby that's rapidly expanding my abdomen.
Who knows, maybe the public accountability that comes with posting goals online will help keep me moving. Anyone else have an insane to do list already this year?

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