January 3, 2012

Pretty Polish & My Make-Up Muse

Lately I have a rapidly growing interesting in make-up and nail polish. I've always worn eye make-up and, very occasionally, lipstick, and have painted my nails off and on, but both have been ramping up over the past six months or more.

My first impulse is to blame it on my Pinterest activity (here's one of my boards as an example)... but it feels like it might be something deeper. Maybe all of the hormones coursing through my body over the past five months of my pregnancy. Maybe even the discovery that we're having a daughter, and the realization that hey, someday she might want someone to teach her about these things and it would be pretty cool if I could actually do that for her. (Also, I am so excited to figure out how to put crazy braids in her hair, like I've never been able to do with my own.)

One thing I've really been aware of while painting my nails and playing with make-up is that it really is a fun creative process, with so much variation in color and texture and quality. So I want to see how it fits in here with all of my other creative interests. Thus, a swatch of my latest nail color!

Brett gave me this polish Christmas morning, along with a couple of other lovely Essie choices. Somehow this one reminds me of a blue polish I used to wear back in... I want to say eleventh grade, but it may be have been even earlier. It's fun to see on my hands.

I'll lay off the cosmetics talk for now, but I have to just add a little link to my current make-up hero. Her name's Jen and she's the purveyor of frmheadtotoe.com. Check out her site if you're interested -- she's about the most adorable thing I've ever seen, her videos and reviews are super helpful for (let's face it) novices like me, and she's obviously very smart, with awesome taste. Plus she just posted her resolutions for 2012, and I have to say I'm with her on her #3: Gold star every song on Dance Central 2 on Hard. You're my newest muse, Jen!


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