March 21, 2011

Inspiration: Spring!

What's that you say? I forgot to post over the weekend? Well, not necessarily -- I have so many ideas and inspirational finds to share with you guys, I thought about them (and worked on them) a lot. But I was distracted by the lovely beginning of Spring! We spent some good time in the yard, enjoying the temperate weather. Okay, I spent part of that time cross-stitching in the sun while Brett weeded and mowed, but that's what wonderful spouses are for, right? And I did contribute some raking and stick-collecting.

I've been noticing signs of Spring everywhere, including our own little seedling collection:
I've never before started a ton of plants indoors, and it's been really exciting to watch them grow. (Um, most of them.) I just hope they make it to planting time -- which is not long off!

Here are some other lovely Spring finds (along with some great advice for the season!):

New Moon Studio
Laura George
Nicky Ross

Jen Renninger

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  1. Wow, I really like that last one. We should buy that.