March 12, 2011

Erin Gives You Permission to Be Creative

I read an incredibly inspiring blog post by my friend Erin the other day. Erin is a local artist, designer, former co-owner of a brick & mortar shop that sold my jewelry, and all-around super awesome, sweet, and amazingly creative person. She is one of my local inspirations (plus, she's very fashionable! haha).

In this post, Erin discusses the importance of focusing on your personal creativity, the fact that some people believe they "aren't creative" (a concept I plan to discuss a lot on this blog, because it's complete bullshit and so unfortunate that anyone is hindered by that belief), and the extreme importance of giving yourself permission to be creative.

Please read this post and take Erin's words to heart: I Give You Permission.

And check out Erin's wonderful work at Pippin & Pearl and on Etsy.


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  2. Thanks for the link & the love. :) Right back at you, dear!