March 17, 2011

Arts & Crafts Projects, or, Glitter Glue Glee

In all my glitter-glue glee (say that five times fast), I’ve been recalling some other fun handicrafts. Find some inspiration for your own craft project below!

Origami: Paper-folding fun!
Orchid made by my brother and mangled by life in my studio.
Some instructional links:
And some awesome ornaments on Etsy

Collage: Mod podge mania!
Marilyn Artus
Never underestimate the calm satisfaction that comes from cutting up a magazine with a nice, clean pair of scissors.

Paper garlands: They’re not just a décor trend!
Paper Polaroid
 Remember making those red and green paper chains to count down to winter break?

Melted Crayon Stained Glass
Martha Stewart
This is really one from the archives. I might have to pick up some crayons! I bet the dollar store has crayons and waxed paper for a super cheap project.

Get crazy with Yarn!
Yarn's so versatile, just grab a skein and look around you. You can finger crochet, or really knit or crochet, or maybe you should "yarn" someone's house. It's like tp-ing, but instead of littering the place with toilet paper, you tie one long string of yarn all over the yard, with plenty of annoying knots around things like trees and car door handles. What I'd love to do is wrap a bottle up in colorful yarn, the way they wrapped bottles in rope in the Old West.

And I can think of one great website for more kiddie-crafty ideas...


  1. Those skull finger things would make awesome pen toppers. Especially for highlighters and Sharpies.

  2. They would! They would also be great to use as finger puppets and entertain co-workers over the cube wall.