December 2, 2011

Gift Advent Calendar for Brett

A combination of inspiration from a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living and a few fun advent posts on Pinterest resulted in this:
An advent calendar of jauntily wrapped gifts for Brett! He's been super awesome since I got pregnant, cooking and cleaning more than his share without ever complaining (though I help as much as I can!). I wanted to do something extra special for him for the holidays to thank him.
I collected up 21 small items over a couple of weeks, added several personal coupons to make the total 24, and wrapped them all in the same fun paper from Target. Each gift was tied up with ribbon, then tied together with a separate length of ribbon that can be cut to release the next gift. The number tags are just circle-punched cardstock with sticker numbers. Time consuming, but easy overall! We happen to have four hooks drilled in under the mantle (for stockings), so I just hung six gifts per hook.
I don't want to give away what's inside the gifts in too much detail, since Brett will read this at some point, but they vary from candy to ornaments and other holiday items to toys and even a couple of slightly useful items. Wondering where gift #1 is?
I didn't actually finish putting the whole system together and getting all the numbers attached until today, so Brett got to open #1 last night!

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