October 29, 2011


What creative messes are you guys up to this weekend?

I'm spending my evening chilling out with a certain greyhound dog, looking for Joshua Jackson movies on Netflix and making envelopes out of old issues of Martha Stewart Living. I have no immediate use for these envelopes, but for whatever reason putting scissors to magazine pages seemed like the thing to do.

Want to make your own? Just find an envelope, carefully pull it open flat, lay it on a cool magazine page or any other piece of paper, trace, cut out, and fold back up. Glue the appropriate flaps back together and boom -- cooler new envelope! Repeat until you're totally tired of carefully cutting out envelope shapes.

Need pictures? Here's a fun tutorial at the Knitted Blog.

I remember always making my own cool envelopes back in the days of trading decos and slams and Nervousness.org. (By the way old Nervous-ites, I just ran across a new site for mail art projects: artfortytwo.org. Can't vouch for it yet, though.) Making these envelopes tonight gives me a strange little nostalgic pang for times when I could spend hours on end making artwork for strangers, without feeling like I was avoiding household duties or other important responsibilities. We could all use a little more unnecessary but fulfilling crafty fun.

Speaking of, I once even crocheted an envelope to house a gift for a friend.

Thank you Flickr for never making me go without a photo of an old craft project....

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