July 24, 2011

24 Hour Zine: 13 hours 2 minutes in

So... ended up sleeping eight hours last night. Oops! I have to say I'd have been a little more motivated to rock the full 24-hour effort with company. Rae, why do we have to live so far apart?? <3
Other mistakes: drinking beer instead of solely caffeinated beverages; putting a movie on instead of just listening to music. I'm almost tempted to give it another go next weekend, since it will still technically be July.

back to zine-ing it up in my robe
However, fear not! I can finish this zine! Just have to concentrate on writing this morning and layout this afternoon. Maybe it's a good thing my electric typewriter writes so large....

Listening to: the fridge hum
Brett's working on: getting some more ZZZ's

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