March 8, 2011

Create This! Daily Creative Theme

Beginning today, I'll be posting a theme each morning -- a word or short phrase, nice and vague and random, meant to trigger a unique creative idea in your mind.

So all you need to do is check out the daily theme, soak it in for a sec, and see what pops up. An image? A memory? A fantastic idea?

Once you have a concept in mind, draw it, sculpt it, write it, sing it, graph it, bake it, ponder it -- whatever you do. What really matters is that you create something. Draw on a post-it note, or paint on a giant canvas. Write a haiku, or compose an epic poem. Challenge yourself to create no matter what -- but if you have the inspiration and the time to keep going, do it!

Then share! Leave a comment about your response to the theme on the daily "create this!" post, or share it in the Create or Perish Flickr group.

I'm going to take the first month or so of themes and create a zine out of them -- a page or two inspired by each theme. I'll share the pages once in a while, and make the zine available once it's done.

Enough explanation, let's get creating!

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